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J.D. "Joy" Williams has a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology & Expressive Art Therapy. She is a Mental Health Professional serving the greater Cleveland area. She is a nationally certified Art Therapist, specializing in brain-based, trauma-informed care. She's also a coach studied in "Transformative Presence" "Neuroscience of Change" and "Pathways to the Unconscious." She has lived experience changing the very fabric of her own life through entrepreneurship, transformational coaching and professional therapeutic services. Because of this she now offers both Therapy or Coaching - Online or in Person, based on your needs & location. 


Joy’s commitment to facing and moving beyond traumas through bespoke coaching or therapy services stems from a lifetime of both research and personal experience. A consistent pursuit of authenticity, self-excavation, and resolution of intergenerational traumas through energetic mastery motivates her practice, one that is open, inclusive, grounded, and compassionate.  Sometimes a tough-love push off the high-dive, others a soft place to land, Joy’s coaching services are crafted around the individual needs and goals of each client. 


Hi! I'm Joy.
I am a Transformational Coach,
I help folx who have experienced trauma get unstuck so that they live a more fulfilled

and authentic life.


At this time, Joy offers both traditional talk therapy services & art therapy (visit Recreating Dawn) as well as personalized coaching through JDWilliams - Coaching. Many factors determine which service is right for each client, needs, goals, and desires.  Insurance/finances may all be a factor in determining the right solution. 


Core Values: 

Authenticity: each phase of the journey through coaching with Joy requires participants to step into their true selves. Living authentically is a pursuit, a journey, and an ongoing, lifetime process. One that is required to building any badass business. 

Inclusivity and Intersectionality: Expansion is for everyone.  Full stop. Joy’s practice strives to be both inclusive, intersectional, and anti-racist, asserting special care for addressing the unique needs of otherwise underserved populations in the healing community and recognizing the financial equity is good for all of us.


Self-Awareness: the first step to Authenticity is Self-Awareness.  Sometimes uncomfortable or even painful, the personal revelations that come when starting a business help us uncover behaviors, thoughts, and patterns that are keeping us ‘stuck’. Creating new perspectives and establishing new patterns creates a space to pursue our authentic selves and our most potent badassery. 


Compassion:  While starting a new business or coaching can feel scary or intimidating, a compassionate approach provides a safe place to explore the difficult stages in our growth. With this, we are free to address our present self-limiting behaviors and beliefs and begin call forward the life we truly desire rather than holding back. 

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