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Create your own badass business that is not beholden to anyone else's rules.

The therapy and healing blueprint for business is flawed. It is keeping you stuck in a job and a life that is not the full embodiment of who you truly are.

It is time to ditch:

  • Your sucky office job

  • Charging by the hour

  • Someone else dictating your rates

  • Stigma and Self-Imposed Limits

  • Restrictions on the tools you use

The Healing Arts Are Dying

More therapists and healers are shifting into coaching for its ability to create deeper transformation, faster. Traditionally, we do so much work to keep people “safe” and to pace their healing. We treat our clients as fragile and hold back the truth that we see. All this does is puts a limit on their transformation and your expansion.

It’s Time To Take The Gloves Off

You can only take your clients as deep and as far as you’re willing to go yourself. 


You think that hiding from your own power is the easy way out, it’s actually not. It’s exhausting, it is literally creating disease in your body and wasting your mental energy while fighting the past. 


At your core you know that there is another way.


You want to hide but you keep peeking through the keyhole.


What you see on the other side is the vision you have for your business and your life. You’re kicking ass and taking names. You’re making the money you want with ease and fulfillment. 

Introducing Badass Incubators

This is your place to build your business with integrity and create the income to live your best damn life, ever. 


You are the creatrix of your journey and you get to choose your own adventure.

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