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I have had the honor to know Joy professionally and personally for over a decade. In this time span her support to me as a friend and professional has been unwavering. She has a big heart for helping others. She is passionate and isn’t afraid to fight for what is right.  Joy is a fierce woman who will guide you in the direction you desire with confidence to help you see In Yourself what she is able to see in you. A mother, a pet lover and a creative mind. Joy will always exceed your expectations! I couldn’t recommend her services more! 


Venus Kennedy, LCMHC

Working alongside Joy helped me identify areas of my practice where I could be more brave, both as an Art Therapist and a woman. Joy does not let fear derail her goals and was vocal about advocating for vulnerable people within our work setting. 

Tina Hays, ATR

As a mother, Joy’s deepest desire is to create and provide her daughter with the love, autonomy, and empowerment that can be hindered by inter-generational thought patterns, habits, beliefs, and cycles of being. True to her nature, Joy is taking those foundational components of sharing them with her clients. Her undertaking is clear: to give the world the tools they need to exist in their truest, most authentic way.


With her own experience of trauma and “WTF moments” that caused a deep, internal sense of imbalance, she began her coaching journey in 2019. Here, she was able to build on all of the previous years of insights; it was much different from therapy. She was finally able to put all of the pieces together. Coaching allowed her to re-visit and give accurate meaning to events in her life. She gave herself the permission, and a clean lens, to view her life in a new way. One free from obligatory relationships and guilt. With every decision that comes with each day, she feeds her soul with a profound understanding of herself and the world, which drives her thoughts, beliefs, and actions. One that is her truth, free from external influences. Those old, inter-generational patterns no longer have power over her life.


On this deeply transformative process, Joy has been moved to share her story and her journey. Using her intuition, warmth, humor, compassion, authenticity, and intimate understanding of intersectionality, she will help you clear baggage that is not serving you. She will provide you with the assurance and security we all need to challenge ourselves; she will celebrate your breakthrough moments with you and gently provide guidance when stuck. There is no better human to exist alongside you as you embark on your journey.


Tiffany Ducey, LMSW

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